ACURE is an innovative AHA-free line for easy, effective, rapid treatment of acne, oily, irritated, and problematic skin.

Active Ingredients

Super-Antioxidant Complex: Dragon’s Blood, Rosmarinic Acid, Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Nicotinamide, Zinc, Sulfur.


  • ACURE Therapeutic Moisturizing Cream is rich in soothing ingredients and is suitable for the treatment of any irritated skin.
  • ACURE Therapeutic Moisturizing Cream and Therapeutic Mask are formulated to balance and improve the skin’s vitality, and are therefore suitable for treating auto-immune disorders, such as seborrhea, rosacea and couperose.
  • ACURE Therapeutic Gel is intended to treat skin suffering from excess sebum, irritation, redness and excess keratinization.