LIFT’N FIRM is an innovative therapeutic line for reducing wrinkles while improving flexibility, firming, toning, and revitalizing facial skin.

Active Ingredients

Groundbreaking Biomimetic Peptides, Unique Complex of Amino Acids, Tannins, Super-Antioxidant Complex: Dragon’s Blood, Rosmarinic Acid, Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Zinc, Sulfur.


  • LIFT’N FIRM Serum features a unique gel texture that allows the rapid, efficient penetration of active ingredients.
  • For maximum results from clinic treatments, it is recommended to apply the LIFT’N FIRM Therapeutic Serum to the face, focusing on wrinkle areas, and immediately add a sealing layer of LIFT’N FIRM Therapeutic Mask.
  • The Serum is also suitable for treating the area around the eyes.